Tourist Catch-Up

7:44 AM

10 photos from revisiting the classic sights of Paris with my mom, who came to visit for a week!

1. SIKE! This one's not even in Paris! It's in Chartres, home to little more than this Ferris Wheel and this famous cathedral. 
2. This one's called 'Eiffel Tower in a Dust Storm.' 
3. My favorite part of the Île de la Cité. 
4. The Tuileries. In 2012, I sat by this fountain and felt stress-free for the first time in my memory.
Still waiting for that to happen again. 
5. Classic macarons from Ladurée. The best is cassis-violette. 
6. Street art in the Marais. 
7. Leaf-art in the Marais. 
8. Who doesn't want to worship at the temple of capitalism when it looks like this?
(The Galeries Lafayette 'shopping mall.')
9. Me and a thousand other people lurked on a service in the Notre-Dame. 
10. Mind blown at Breizh Cafe. Get thee there for savory galettes and sweet crêpes. 

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