Berlin / Limbo Part I

3:38 PM

Berlin felt like an airport to me – large, industrial, efficient, empty. But maybe I should blame the context and not the city; it's kind of strange to be traveling between four months of Paris and my return to California. Here are my four days with two good friends, one old and one new. 


We saw a lot of street art, were rejected from Berghain, one of the most famous techno clubs in the world ("don't make eye contact with the bouncer, don't laugh, don't take out your phone, wear all black"), were confronted with a lot of Jewish history at the Holocaust memorial and the Jewish museum, spent a lot of time looking up where to go out instead of Berghain, had meat and potatoes for almost every meal, went to several Christmas markets and downed glühwein, saw an excellent exhibit by female artists at me Collectors Room, and thought it would be a good idea to come back in the summer one day and stay in Kreuzberg over Mitte next time. 

Today, I took a 6.5 hour train from Berlin to Amsterdam. I journaled practically non-stop, writing random thoughts about Berlin, Paris, and more while recording the time. "10:38AM. Man has an empty seat next to him, too. Why does no one ask to sit there, instead of by me? Patriarchy, that's why." Now, I'm reunited with Alisa. We started this whole semester abroad together in Marseille, and the symmetry makes me happy. Even though it's Christmas Day, we have a packed day ahead of us tomorrow – bless the Anne Frank house for being open...

links for Berlin: baxpax downtown hostel // beckett's kopf - secret bar with menus pasted into book about beckett // "free" alternative tour berlin - tip-based tour where we saw the street art // queensize exhibition of female artists at me Collectors Room // jewish museum // alpenstueck bakery with the excellent german breakfast

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